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HRSimpli: A fresh new segment in the HR sector

HRSimpli is a collective experience in Human Resources, Startup Leadership, change management and organisation Development. Here are a few excerpts from the interview.

1. Tell us about your background before HRSimpli. Share with us briefly about your entrepreneurial journey and inception of HRSimpli:

The idea strikes after spending considerable time with many startups and SME’s and observing the fact that many startups and SME’s had common issues with their Human Resources function. Inception: HRSimpli March 2016.

2. What is HRSimpli all about? Tell us in detail about the services offered?

HRSimpli is a one stop solution for all your HR challenges. With HRSimpli, we are helping the startups and SME’s in solving all HR challenges without spending a fortune.

Our mantra is – “We Grow with you”

In growing business world, where skilled resources are limited, attracting, on boarding and retaining talent is the biggest challenge for startups and SME’s. Losing resource to non-professionalism and non-competency can be a disaster.

We at HRSIMPLI ensure that your workforces are managed prudently with processes, policies and professional touch.

Our collective experience in Human Resources, startups Leadership, change management and organization Development told us the reality. We noticed that Business leaders were too busy generating revenue to handle staff issues. Often, the Businesses were not large enough to justify increasing the staff with an in-house HR professional.

A common practice was for the Office Manager to handle daily HR operations, but they did not have the know-how or confidence to handle staff challenges.

Services Offered are as follows:

Team Building

HR Operation (Virtual/On-site)

   3. What is your competition in the market? What is it that sets you apart from your competition?

We don’t have any direct competitors. Most in the industry, the focus is only on recruitment whereas we focus on HR operation, on complete Talent Management. Our unique key feature/services beside recruitment include a complete HR operation support and consultation on best HR practice followed and also services at a very competitive price. The main USP is virtual HR service for startups.

4. What is the business model of HRSimpli? Can you briefly summarise the growth achieved in both volume and value from the Day 1 till now?

Our business model includes Team Building, HR Operation (Virtual/onsite), Organization development and we already working Directly/In-Directly for approximately 20 startups.

Targeting co-working, accelerators, and incubators as well as universities innovation centers. Will soon be opening a platform for HR professionals and Aspirants.

5. How has been your beginner’s journey? What were the challenges you faced in setting up and scaling up your enterprise? Any hurdle that you faced or still facing?

One of the main hurdles that we consider is lack of knowledge about HR functions and the importance they play in the growth of an organisation.

6. Can you tell us about your other founder’s/core team, their background and rich experience?

Vikash Gaurav is the founder of HRSimpli who has more than 4 years of experience in team building and talent management for startups.

7. How is HRSimpli funded? Any early stage money/seed stage experience that you would like to share with us?

We are bootstrapped, expecting to raise seed sound very soon.

8. Any other areas or initiatives that you plan to venture in future?

We are working on product which helps startups and SME in organization development, cloud based on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

9. What will HRSimpli look like in 10 years from now? All perspectives – people, business, revenue, team, size or anything you foresee for the venture.

10 years from now, our vision is to operate from all major cities and cover 70-80% of market. We are also going to focus on big corporates with our product.

10. Any experience or advice you would like to share with soon to be founders out there?

One message for my fellow startups founders is – Don’t overlook the importance of HR. A well-managed team will do wonders and raise your growth exponentially.

11. Any school/ campus-connect initiatives that you are pursuing or plan ?

Nothing as of now as we are busy in scaling HRSimpli, but we will surely go for it sometime in the future.

We thank HRSimpli for this interview and wish them good luck in all their future endeavours.

HRSimpli: A fresh new segment in the HR sector

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