There is any need of ‘Thinking outside the Box’?


150 years ago, if Thomas Edison would not have thought beyond lamps and fire then today the whole world would have been a very dim place. Thinking outside the box literally means to think in an untraditional way and does not follow the set path. It means to consider different solutions to problems to get a desired outcome. It’s easy saying than doing but thinking differently creates a positive impact in your life thus giving you better results.

Not everyone is born with a creative mind and logical thinking, if you have got the brain use it. Thinking outside the box is an art. In modern times, human kind is fashioned into robots and is expected to memorize things and act in a certain way, which is defined as perfect. Society expects you to think in the box and they will try hard to fit you in the box. People might call you crazy for thinking differently but be optimistic as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be great is to be misunderstood.” People will criticize you first then they will follow you. Mankind is known to be the smartest species on the planet for a reason. If no one thought out of the box then we would have not been evolved as we are now.

Thinking outside the box helps you and the society in many ways. When you think outside the box, you notice void in our system and then you start to question it. Trying different alternatives to get the solution lands you with more creative ways to fill the void, hence exploring more possibilities and opportunities. This creates an impact and changes the world for good and also keeps an individual growing and flourishing.

Never be deaf to reason. Thinking outside the box gives you a greater perspective and more edge to your career. When you are willing to try alternatives and look for opportunities you definitely get a better way of doing things which makes you open to new ideas and views. With time, things change like technology, taste preferences, fashion etc. and if you don’t adapt with the changing time you will fall way behind than others. When you get open to limitless possibilities you evolve according to the given time because that is very necessary otherwise you will be an old hat and your career will be on pause.

If you are thinking like everyone else, then you aren’t thinking. Thinking out of the box makes you stand out from others. Following the crowd does not make you a leader, so for becoming a one you have to break the norm and set out your different path. Anyone can present a shinny resume and a top grade mark sheet but putting something extra on table or in a different way is what makes you different from others and more approachable. Everything in this world is replaceable and has a life span but thinking out of the box makes you superior and memorable. People can differentiate you and will respect your individualism and will make you greater than what you are.

Just because society sees something to be perfect that does not mean it is. If something’s not broken that does not mean it cannot be fixed. Always try different methods to make the better version of it and that’s how you will change the system and contribute in the growth of the universe. Expand your brain and let new ideas seep in.


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