New Techniques in Human Resource Management


Human resource management is a process where organization and employees are brought together to meet the desired goal of each individual. It ensures that both the organization and individual are performing their responsibilities and duties towards one another. Human resource management is an ever changing process where the new techniques are introduced with the change in trend and technology. This is a very important resource for any business because it ensures smooth functioning of the organization, so the companies implements new techniques and tools to enhance their business functions.

These techniques have been designed with the intention of improving work culture, transparency in business communication, developing healthy working environment, increasing business productivity etc. Every business must adapt these changes in their management and those who divest will fall behind in the HR race. The new techniques in human resource management are:

  • 1 Flexi-time

The working hours and days are normally mentioned in the job description at the time of hiring. Flexi-time enables the employee to work according to their convenience without affecting the organizational function. It allows flexibility in the working hours i.e. entry and exit from the office. This program helps to boost the morale of the employee by reducing the long working hours which becomes frustrating after a point. This increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

  • 2 Flexi-work

Flexi-work means having flexibility in job roles and handling various jobs in the organization. It enables the employees to work in different departments in the organization following a systematic pattern, provided they are skilled in other areas also. This breaks the monotonous flow of work and keeps the employee motivated and engaged by allowing them to enhance their skills.

  • 3 Outsourcing of Human resource management

For a small scale business it becomes financially difficult to spend their limited resource on hiring HR professional, so their HR is handled by the manager of the company. This creates disturbance in the flow of work because the executives are busy generating profits and employee satisfaction goes out of the picture. Nowadays, company outsource their human resource management to the consultancy agencies that cut down their cost of hiring full time HR professional and also helps the company to focus on core areas of their business.

  • 4 Employee participation in decision making

This program suggests that employee’s consent will be crucial before taking an organizational decision or changing policies. The management alone cannot make such decisions they have to consult with the employee’s representative. Although some policy making and administration decision still lies in the hand of the management but if the employees do not concur to their decision, they can stand against it and can plea to the management to bring changes to it. This helps to create a sense of belongingness among employees and motivates them by respecting their viewpoints.

  • 5 Training and Development

The employees are provided with the training and development program when they join the company. They spend a lot of time and money on this development training and awareness about the industrial procedure because the knowledge they acquire in educational institutions lack practical knowledge. So the companies in the future decides to open their own educational institution where they will provide the knowledge and skills required in the practical world and the intake will be dependent upon the requirements of the company. The curriculum will be based on the latest technology, work methods, organizational management and so on.

After the completion of the course they will be provided with a degree and employment in the same organization. This will reduce the problem of unemployment and will increase productivity.

  • 6 Green HR

Green human resource management is an environment friendly process which provides higher efficiency, lower cost and increases employee engagement. It reduces the carbon footprints of the employees by devising online interviews and video conferencing. This is step towards sustainable environment and awareness among employees.

  • 7 Employee participation in the management

Traditionally, the management part of the organization was handled by the owner or their representation. This created a gap between the employers and employees resulting in organizational disputes and misunderstandings. Employee participation program solved this problem in which organization permitted employees to take part in management function. This created a sense of belongingness in the employees and they became more loyal towards the organization.

Therefore, human resource management plays a vital role in the success of the organization by meeting the needs of both employers and employees. It is a process of bringing organization and employees together and ensuring they work towards a common goal. A HR professional face a lot of challenges while maintaining different individuals in the organization. Nowadays, companies adapt newer techniques in managing individuals like using IT companies to go paperless and making all possible use of technologies.


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