Saying Goodbye to the Challenges of HR: Managing Collegiate Human Resources Is Easier with Document Management and Workflow


The role of an HR manager is to bridge the gap between organization and its employees. Employees are the biggest asset of an organization which needs to be restored and taken care of. The job of an HR is not as easy as it seems as each individual have diverse personalities so managing them altogether is a challenge in itself. With rapidly changing times, challenges of an HR are evolving as their job is no longer limited to just hiring and maintaining records and documents of employees. The war for talent demands HR department to introduce policies for employee retention and focus on employer branding by improving employee experience. The pile of papers on the table and millions of emails in the inbox does not allow HR personnel to think out of it. Therefore, evolution of technology helped them to wave away those problems by going paperless and now focusing on employee experience.

The electronic document system enables to bring all the information and candidate’s information under one roof. Paperless Hr solution saves a lot of time by maintaining the documents digitally and making it easily accessible. It’s a modern approach towards human resource management where HR personnel don’t have to put the entire efforts on managing papers and can more quickly respond to its employees. While recruiting a candidate, there requires a lot of paperwork like creating job description, receiving resumes and applications, setting up the interview, asking for the documents and forwarding offer letter. If all these goes digital and can be managed through electronic system, then it saves a lot of time of the recruiter and the candidate as from application to document verification everything goes seemless and in lesser time. HR workflow automation helps your documents to go in an appropriate destination and also notifies you whenever it requires your attention. This helps in maintaining the documents in a well organized way with fewer efforts and less investment of time.

There are documents that contain sensitive information and are confidential which are only accessible to particular people only. In manual maintenance of documents, there is a concern of security and the documents can go in wrong hands. Thus, a paperless system allows you to control the access of information and the records are not left out in the open to be seen by anyone. It also helps in creating transparency in the organization as everything is on the system thus allowing the manager to track and record the performances of the employees and make decision accordingly. The system ensures the smooth workflow maintaining an organized order. It allows sharing documents without any hassle and the works are assigned systematically ensuring higher productivity. The allowance of easy document sharing help the employees to deliver their work to clients more efficiently and securely thus increases the productivity which results in boosting employee morale.

The paperless HR system helps to cut the miscellaneous cost of the company. According to a survey, an employee uses 10,000 sheets every year which can be saved by going digital thus reducing cost. Manual documentation requires a lot of paper that goes waste most of the time which also affects the environment, so going digital means becoming greener and socially accountable. Going paperless also gives an advantage of cleaner office. Imagine the desk are not cluttered with piles of paper and the cabinets are not filled with hundreds of files, it would become so much easier to work as seeing papers everywhere cause frustration. Maintaining papers are also not at all easy as there might be case that you misplace a paper or it might get torn thus losing your important data. The electronic data system allows you to store your important documents without the fear of losing or damaging it. It helps you to store all your data at one place giving flexibility in accessing that information and removing the hassle of moving back and forth to check the information.

The document management and maintaining the workflow is the biggest challenge of HR personnel which can be solved by going digital and adapting electronic systems. This will ensure smooth functioning of the organization and increases the productivity as HR managers can now focus on other important factors that require most of their attention like employer branding and employee experience.


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