Not sure about how outsourcing your HR needs can benefit you? Go through these frequently asked questions to learn more!

HRSimpli begins with an onsite audit, where our consultants gather information about your business, growth objectives, and existing HR processes and documentation, if any. Using this information, we develop your HR program that optimizes your people and seamlessly integrates all HR activities.

As a minimum, HRSimpli guarantees your organization with:

  • Development of or improvement to your HR practices;
  • Enhancement to your HR documentation;
  • Deployment of a comprehensive HR database
  • End-to-end Payroll setup; and
  • Enabling your management team through HR training.

With HRSimpli, you build a solid foundation for all your Human Resource activities, establishing the processes, policies and procedures you need to either start your business or run it more successfully.

  • You gain peace of mind by being free to focus on key strategic growth areas, now that HR activities are working seamlessly;
  • There is support through right processes, documentation and technology for your business from the start;
  • Employee morale is raised by empowering staff to become engaged and take control of their employment responsibilities;
  • You encourage legal compliance when your HR activities align with best practice standards.
  • Cost effective HR service, systems and advice from a team of qualified HR professionals.
  • Operational efficiency allowing you to focus on your business growth while running an effective and productive HR function.
  • Expert advice, support and best practice documentation with regional focus.
  • Tailored, practical and timely HR advice, processes and solutions when you need it most.

As companies expand, enter new geographies, source new work, or set up operations in new markets, it may not make financial sense in the initial stages to fully staff an HR function. Consider partnering with HRSimpli for HR support until your business reaches a certain size, and is well established. Leaving the key HR responsibilities to our HR professionals can actually be a more cost-effective approach for the company, enabling business owners to remain focused on the strategy towards growing the company.

We are mindful of the budgetary constraints faced by start-up businesses and are focused on delivering value for your investment in your HR function. Service packages can be tailor-made to meet your budget and HR needs. It is our commitment to be the most competitive while being the most efficient in the market we operate.

Virtual HR refers to outsourcing all your human resources requirements to a company that can handle it all for you. Virtual HR services can range from payroll management to recruitment and onboarding. As a company, you can choose the services you require and discard the rest.

As a growing company, you have a lot on your plate. From developing a business strategy to ensuring daily operations are smooth, start-ups have many balls to juggle, and adding an HR representative to the table only adds to your operational costs.

Small companies rarely require an HR team. We can help you recruit employees, manage payroll, create an organisational culture, and onboard talent without having to set up shop in your office. This is a highly cost-effective way to make sure all your needs are met.

We use cloud-based solutions to ensure that both parties have access to pertinent information related to hiring, payroll, culture management, and more. We ensure that no one apart from the concerned parties has access to this vital information, thereby keeping your data secure.

It may seem that way, but this isn’t true! As a small company, you know that every single penny saved contributes to your profit margin. Why add on to your operational costs by hiring a single resource to do one job, when you can have an entire team handling multiple requirements for a fraction of the cost?

At HRSimpli, we believe in culture mapping. We take time to understand your unique requirements as well as your organisational culture to find you candidates who will be the perfect fit. This is what has contributed to years of successful placements on our part.

That’s the beauty of outsourcing your HR needs! Whether you simply require someone to manage your payroll, or need someone to handle recruitment, we are more than up for it. Get in touch with us and explain your requirements, and we’ll send you a quote accordingly.

With virtual HR solutions, you can ensure social-distancing by limiting the number of people your employees are exposed to. We use video-calling software to have meaningful conversations about your needs, and handle all our recruitment, payroll and training and development tasks virtually. As a result, you can rest easy and ensure that your business is booming even in the middle of a pandemic.

Our first step is to understand your needs as well as the scope of work you expect from the employee. We then assess the employee’s skillsets and share training material that we develop with you, the company, to bring them up to speed. As a rule, we create training and development material before embarking on recruitment to ensure that all processes occur smoothly.

Yes, we are happy to sit down with our prospective clients to understand their needs. Based on your company’s requirements, we will offer solutions that we think will fit you.

This is often undertaken as a collaborative effort with the client, as culture cannot be imposed – it must come from within. Once you narrow down the values most important to your company, we begin crafting HR policies, employee engagement solutions, and hiring strategies that all fall in line with the same.


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